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6021 A.L.

WM                Viron Lewis, PM

SW                  Greg Harris, PM

JW                  Pablo Colomban, PM

Tres.               Peter Preston, PM

Sec’y              Ben Williams, PM

SD                   James Rangel, PM

JD                    Michael Rotert, PM

SS                    Michael Moore, MWGM


Chap              Dwight Andersen

Marsh            John Balzer, PM

Tyler               Vic Ament, PM

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Masonic Style Guide

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Research Lodge of Colorado uses The Quarry Project Style Guide for all research papers. download it here. 


Research Lodge of Colorado Bylaws


Highlands Lodge

Research Lodge of Colorado was founded in 1953 as a forum of shared insight regarding the rich and compelling history of Freemasonry in Colorado, Freemasonry in general, and to discuss subjects of interest to Masons.  


The United States would not exist as a free republic without the influence of Freemasonry integral to its formation. The civilizing force of Freemasonry is perhaps nowhere more exemplified than in the history of the West.

Research Lodge of Colorado is open only to Master Masons already affiliated with another Lodge.  No degree work is conferred.


Research Lodge meets four times a year, on the last Saturday in January, April, July, and October.


For information regarding our next meeting, please click here.

Bylaws of Research Lodge of Colorado allow for the following memberships:

1. Active

2. Associate

3. Corresponding

4. Honorary

Active Members are Master Masons in good standing in a home Lodge within the jurisdiction of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Colorado.

Associate Members are Master Masons in good standing in a home lodge in an outside jurisdiction in amity with the M.W. Grand Lodge of Colorado. If you are a non-Colorado Mason interested in joining Research Lodge of Colorado (and thus receiving the Lucerna) please contact the Secretary.

Corresponding Members are constituent Lodges or other Masonic institutions (e.g. Masonic Libraries) under the jurisdiction of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Colorado, or recognized as in amity with the Grand Lodge of Colorado

Honorary Members are Master Masons deemed by the Brethren of Research Lodge of Colorado to worthy of an honorary membership. Honorary Members are typically Masonic scholars, authors, or other Masonic personages recognized for their contribution to Masonry in general, and Masonic research in particular. Honorary Members are not required to pay dues, but are entitled to all the rights and benefits of membership in Research Lodge of Colorado, including receipt of Lucerna.

Dues are only $10.00 per year.

After more than half a century meeting at 1614 Welton Street, in Denver, Research Lodge of Colorado moved its home base to Highlands Lodge, at 3350 Federal Blvd., Denver, at the end of 2019. The last meeting held at 1614 Welton St. occurred on Feb. 1, 2020. 


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